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                   About Dick's Smoke Wagon

Our foods are created and served within our mobile food preparation unit, which is D.O.T. certified, and licensed by numerous County Health Departments, including San Diego County. Dick’s Smoke Wagon was created on a custom basis and is unique within itself. It contains numerous hot and cold food service wells, refrigeration, freezers, convection and microwave ovens, fryers, boilers, air conditioning, 3 compartment sinks, a hand washing facility, and other amenities.

The exterior of the unit features 360º area lighting, proper signage, an 8 station sound system, as well as security cameras. The general public enters the service window through a chain and ramp system that can maintain a crowd line of 1 – 100 entrants at any give time, and allows us to average one complete meal and beverage serving every 17-20 seconds.

The unit was designed and manufactured to be enjoyable for our customers to both view and visit, and has been fortunate enough to have been featured in documentary films and magazines. A lot of detail went into its decoration, with the focal point being the large capacity wood burning smoker, which is a patented system featuring continuously revolving meat racks. This smoker allows us to produce the very finest meats, and produces an aroma that permeates the surrounding air.

Additionally, Dick’s Smoke Wagon can be a fully self contained food service unit. We are experienced at providing enough food stuff, material, water, refrigeration, labor and power to sustain us through 12 continuous 24 hour periods of operation without re-supply, while serving up to 2300 full meals in a 24 hour period. We can operate fully independent of all supplied utility sources if the vending location we receive requires that we do so. In the event that you require further information, a price quote, product samples, additional references, or have questions, please call us.

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